Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First finished knitting project!

I got this gorgeous Wisp wool from an auction on TradeMe, and was trying to figure out what I wanted to make, when my sister piped up and said I had to make her a hat before she goes to America... so, my project was underway. I had found a pattern that I liked, and decided to change it a little - the original pattern had lace in it, which wasn't going to show with the wool I was using - so I decided to measure my head and go for it, and just follow their decreasing patterns when I thought i'd knitted enough....

This is the hat about 3 rows from finishing... can you see the problem? IT'S HUGE!!! I finished it off last night (I only started it on Saturday night, so I was quite proud of myself for getting it done so quickly!) and tried it on, only to find I looked like a mushroom! Its kinda like one of those rastifarian/Jamaican hats, which just looks so silly on me! I was tempted to frog it and start again, but I figured I would wear it to a "What were you thinking???" 21st birthday first, and let my teddy bear enjoy it in the meantime.

Needless to say, i'm starting on a new hat now, in hopes that i'll learn from my mistakes. I'll keep you posted!


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