Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In a holding pattern

I applied for my student loan yesterday - it only took 15 minutes online - so now we wait... It doesn't seem like there is alot to do between now and February - other than packing of course, for both my christmas holiday and moving cities, but right now I feel like i'm in a bit of a holding pattern until things can really start moving again. I suppose I should be grateful and just appreciate the calm before the storm!

Store update
I've made a little soap sack to go up in my Etsy store!

I still have some cute cotton colours left over, so I'll be whipping more of these out over the next couple of weeks. Great stocking stuffers! Any ideas of other easy embroidery designs I could do?

Knitting update
I have finally started on the Central Park Hoodie! [Rav link] I chose to start with the sleeve, just to get the cable pattern sorted, and i'm not far off the sleeve cap now. I'm using Needful Yarns London Tweed (again, I hope I have enough, its another discontinued yarn!). Here's what it looked like on the weekend:
Central Park Hoodie
Of course, I was aided by my ever-faithful (and ever-hungry!) puppy dog, who against all odds is still with us...
I had a brief thought that I could get this done in time to wear in the -15 degree weather in New York in January, but I am now resigned to the fact that that isn't going to happen! I don't want to push myself during what will be my busiest time of the year. Oh well, there's always next winter :)

How to...

I tried my hand at something else a little crafty this weekend. With all my stitch markers in use on my clapotis scarf, I had nothing to use for the cable pattern, so I grabbed some old paper clips and beads and got to work with some SUPER basic DIY stitch markers.
How-to: Basic stitch markers (9 of 9)
They aren't the greatest things ever made, and they are a little big, but they are good enough for me - real stitch markers are REALLY hard to come by in New Zealand! You can see them in use in the sleeve picture above. If you're interested in making some basic ones for yourself, i've done a little 'How to' photo series on Flickr. You can find it here.

Chat for the comments
What WIPs have you got at the moment? Or is everything on hold while you work on Christmas presents?!?

~Happy crafting!~


shadyninjaknits said...

I don't see how you can make those little soap sacks without having at least a few with butterfly embroidery! You can do little simple blue ones that also (in a way) promote your etsy shop! Very jealous of the cardi! One day I'll have the yarn I want for it!


Trina said...

Lol I had thought about that, but I'd probably get too selfish and want to keep it for myself! I have a go at it though - good idea to use it to promote my Etsy shop!

2BSewing: said...

Cute stitch markers! Great colors as it's easier to see them. Enjoy your holding pattern time. ;) I just realized we're both knitting CPH in blue! Thanks for posting the sleeve picture. BTW...I'm catching up your blog posts. ;)

Trina said...

Hey Susan - I have to knit back a couple of rows but then i'm starting on the sleeve cap, so i'll show you that too

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