Friday, November 27, 2009

Crafty links!

I'm getting to the stage now of ticking off what needs to be done at work, and counting down the days until I hand over to my replacement in a week. I had a day of lasts yesterday - last day of board meetings, last day of full corporate-wear, last time i'll see most of the people i've been working for for the last two years... and I must say, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! I was kinda excited about it all!

Work is not the only thing i'm organising and ticking off - i've got to think about my crafty side too! I've made the decision to leave alot of my crafts at home when I move away - WAIT, before you start scowling and throwing things, let me explain! - I will have very little space, and honestly probably very little time to work on things between classes, readings and assignments. So - i'm going to sort my knitting into project bags, with patterns and yarns and needles as much as I can, and just take a couple with me for term time, then swap them out when I head home for the holidays. I'm not sure what i'll do about my sewing stuff, i'll be taking my machine and my box of threads and other bits and pieces, but i'll probably leave my fabric stash at home and just repurpose old clothes rather than making new things.

My other crafty area to look into is the ol' blog. I've said before that i'm switching it over to Wordpress to have a fresh start for next year (want a sneek peek? Here it is! Feedback is gratefully accepted!), but that leaves the problem of all the blogs i've stored in my blogger reader, if i'm not checking in on blogger that often. The answer? Google Reader of course!

Since its so easy to add new blogs to Google Reader, i've managed to add quite a few to my reading list in the last couple of weeks - a mixture of knitting and sewing, with lots of tutorials and easy things to try at home. Here are a few of my favourites...
Just a few more quick ones for good luck - I could spend all day reading these!
So go and check 'em out! Tell 'em I sent ya :)

Tell me - what are some of your favourite crafty blogs to read?

~Happy crafting!~


Trina said...

Follow up question - can someone tell me what Modge Podge is? Like a glue or something? I'd never heard of it before reading these blogs!

shadyninjaknits said...

Thanks for the awesome links! I certainly added a few to my google reader! And I'm 80% certain Mod podge is this glue like substance that you use to kinda shellac things with- like we used to use it to paint a thin layer over collages to give it a glossy sheen and to keep the paper ends from sticking up. Just kinda a finishing touch.

I can totally see you moving to your new digs and then...slowing building up your craft kits again. Then you'll have twice as much and no idea how you got it all!

Sachiko said...

Wow, thank you for the link! I love some of the blogs on your list already, but there are so many of them out there... I will go check them out!

Trina said...

Thanks for stopping by Sachiko!

Trina said...

Leeshie - be warned, its carzy addictive! Thanks for the tips on Mod Podge, I might see if I can pick some up from when i'm in the states to try it then :)
And you're probably right about building up my supplies once i've moved, its inevitable, but i'm going to try stick to the plan anyway!

Crafty Tuesday said...

Loving the links! Will spend lots of lovely time-wastering after lunch perusing through..

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