Monday, August 24, 2009

Sewing FO: Tote bags!

I decided this weekend to make some tote bags, to add to my list of things to sell at the craft fair on the first weekend of September. What do you think?

Finished totes

I've only made these three so far, two on Saturday and one on Sunday, but as they only take about an hour and a half to make it shouldn't be too hard to whip up some more - I need 7 more to sell at the stall.

Flower/Pink toteFloral/Sage toteButterfly/teal tote

There is a pocket between the pattern and the plain fabric, on both sides, as well as the main part of the bag, so plenty of room.

Hanging totes

I have a few more different types of fabric matched up ready to make some more. I'll also be selling some short knitted scarves that button up, and i'll put up some pics of those once they are done. Some of Bec's paintings are going to be sold too, so it will be quite a stall!

~Happy crafting!~


Karen said...

Those are so cute!!! They are going to be sold out at the craft fair in no time!!!

Sarah, The New Girl said...

those are so cute!! I especially love the one with the blue top and little butterflies :) you are so crafty!!

2BSewing: said... are really cranking these out. They are all so beautiful! Great fabric combinations. They will sell quickly.

You are doing great with your sewing machine. ;)

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