Friday, May 08, 2009

Book worm

I'm sorry i've been quiet on the blog front recently... i've been doing little knitting, but much reading! As of last week, I have officially completed the Twilight Saga :) I started reading book one at Easter, and have found all four of them hard to put down! What to do now though, that i've finished? Start again! Well, i'm going to have a break, I have other books to read for other people, but I definately plan to get back to them soon. In the meantime, i'll keep watching the movie and wait for movie two to come out at the end of the year.

Knitting update

Amongst the reading I have managed to sneak in some knitting - mostly when i'm at my parents house where I can't read while watching tv!

First project was to make a square for UNICEF - they were aiming to collect 1,400 squares to make into a large blanket to present to parliament, to represent children in need - turns out they got over 3,000! This was my little contribution, a good way to practise my weak crochet skills: (Rav link)

UNICEF square

Next on the list was a cowl, using the Cleckheaton Vintage Hues yarn I brought at easter. (Sorry, no photo yet, hopefully tonight!) My plan was to knit a scarf on huge needles to make it stretch and look lacy, and just keep knitting until I ran out of yarn. Sadly I ran out much sooner than I thought, so it turned into a squishy cowl instead!

On top of all that, I knitted up a mothers day present from this pattern. (My photo to come) Nice easy knit, although I changed the chart to say mUm rather than mOm. Finished just in time, 11pm on Saturday night to be precise, so it was still wet from blocking when I gave it to her, but I don't think she minded. I'm looking forward to knitting some more of KrisKnit's dishcloths in the future, she has some fantastic patterns!

Progress on Buttony continues - the sleeves are seperated, and I added some waist shaping today. I'm worried that the sleeves may be a little big, but i'm assured that's a good thing since i'll be able to wear layers underneath as well. Time will tell... Anyway, here's the latest progress picture - just after i'd seperated the sleeves:

Buttony progress...

In sewing news, I got a new book today - 'A is for Apron'! Its got a whole lot of awesome vintage-looking patterns that I can't wait to try! And guess what - it's available here on if you're interested! (Just realised - lots of exclamation marks - can you tell i'm excited??)

~Happy Knitting!~


Sarah, The New Girl said...

your project updates look great!!!

Way to go on finishing the mother's day present just in time!!! :)

knittingdaisies said...

i just finished the Twilight Saga as well :) oh the fluff! sparkly vampires! they were a fun read. i hope that the second movie will be more enjoyable than the first, as i found it rather disappointing (compared to the book at least).

just started reading 'The Memory Keeper's Daughter' by Kim Edwards - so far it's a great read. I can tell it will be one that tugs on the ol' heart strings!

2BSewing: said...

Your Buttony is looking fantastic! From what I can tell, the fit looks fine on you. The color is gorgeous! Congratulations on knitting pass the sleeve separations. I know the feeling! :)

2BSewing: said...

Oh, BTW...the lace yarns I've been purchasing is going in my stash for now. I've been collecting some lace patterns for future projects. I'm intrigued by the charts and different motifs. This lace knitting is addictive. :)

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