Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm still here!

Sorry to not have had a decent blog post for a while - i'm still alive, just busy with all things non-knitting, so I haven't got alot to report!

Well, that's not strictly true - I've been working on some easter presents for the family, which I can't show you until next week or it will spoil the suprise :)

I'm also starting to get into the habit of making at least one Casa Kiwi blanket square each night before I go to bed, so I think i'm almost ready to make up one blanket. Mum got me some black yarn to sew them together with, so I think they'll look pretty smart. Don't forget you can help out with squares too if you want - just leave me a comment and i'll send you some more details. Here are a bunch of squares that I received a while ago from a Ravelry friend - the colours match perfectly with the other squares that i've made!

Over Easter i'm only taking Buttony with me, so I should have some more progress on that to show you upon my return (amidst the painting and gardening over the weekend of course!).

Also - thanks for your feedback about the butterfly hat! I believe i'll be frogging it and starting on a shawlette in the near future :)

~Happy knitting!~


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