Saturday, April 25, 2009

Featured blog!

I just heard that my blog is featured over at Pattern-Knit! How exciting!!

I'm loving this new website - the beginner tutorials are really good, they have a big range of links to knitting patterns, and the stitch library is amazing!! I'm sure to be making some swatches from there soon.

Head on over and check it out :)

(Hello and welcome if you've come here through there!)

Note: My blog picture was taken by Eclipse Photographic at my sisters graduation. Have a look at his portfolio.


Karen said...

That is very exciting!! Congrats to you!!

Sarah, The New Girl said...

I'd never heard of that site!! Thanks for showing!!

and Congrats!!

Sarah, The New Girl said...

I would definitely recommend cracking open Weekend Knitting. There are good patterns, but even if you don't find something-- the photography is beeeautiful!! Very knit-inspiring :-)

Rich said...

The New DolloianHi there, I have tagged you in my new post, hope you can find some time to put up a reply :-)


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