Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog update

Just a quick note to tell you a couple of things that have changed on my blog.

I've changed the comments section, so that now anybody can leave a comment, regardless of whether you have a blog or not. (That's for you, Aunty G!)

Also, i've got a new email address - ballatrina(at)hotmail(dot)com - so if you'd like to contact me directly about something, you can use that.

~Happy knitting!~


Sarah, The New Girl said...

I recently changed my comment status as well, and last week I got a "Hey ladies!! Click here for free Playboy magazines!!" from someone I didn't know. I was like... uhhh... delete. I guess it's not that weird, but I mean, I feel like you should be at least familiar with someone before you start discussing the nude magazines. :) So I guess watch out for that. But it was just one haha.

Can't wait to see what knitting projects you've been working on!

Trina said...

Thanks Sarah, good point! I've set the comments to be moderated :)

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