Monday, March 23, 2009

A new book review

The Reptile Room
Author: Lemony Snicket
Started: 9-Mar-09
Finished: 17-Mar-09


Following on from the first book, A Series of Unfortunate Events (which I read a while ago, but it doesn't look like I did a review on it!), this reading was slightly different, with Tim Curry covering all the voices, instead of having different readers. I very much enjoyed this book - after seeing the movie which covered all the different stories, it was good to get a bit more information about the characters. It was alot shorter than I was expecting though, so the story was rather basic, and a little predictable. Still recommended though :)

Knitting update

I'm still in a bit of a knitting funk. I'm at the depressing stage of Buttony where it doesn't seem to be getting any longer, but for fear that one day i'll measure it and it will be perfect to put onto scrap yarn, i'm only knitting it at home when I have scrap yarn around! I needed some road trip knitting though last week so I cast on for Fern Glade again, and so far so good - although its stretching quite a bit around the cable, so I'll need to get a shorter one before I go much further. So far i've done one full pattern repeat (while sitting at a homestead looking out over the country side - it was lovely!) so there are five more to go for my size. The green acrylic is interesting to knit with...

I have a friend coming over tomorrow night to have his first knitting lesson; i'm definately looking forward to that! I might get him started on some squares for the Casa Kiwi blankets, to speed that project along a little, while I continue to forge my way through Buttony some more, aided by a nice glass of white...

~Happy knitting!~


2BSewing: said...

Hang in there with your Buttony. That's cool that you are teaching a friend to knit. :)

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